Why Dog Dogs Love Tennis Balls So Much?

Is your canine simply obsessive about tennis balls? Some canines could be completely hypnotized by a tennis ball, and you'll throw it, with them retrieving it for hours. I as soon as had a Jack Russell terrier that may deliver you a tennis ball repeatedly for a sport of fetch. You truly needed to conceal the ball from him ultimately, as a result of he actually would in all probability not cease chasing it till he died of exhaustion! 

So, what's it about tennis balls that has our canines hooked on them? Such a easy toy, and but it's universally beloved by canines throughout the globe! That's what we're right here to search out out. Why do canines love tennis balls, are they secure for canines to play with, and the way do you cease your canine from turning into obsessed?! 

Why do some canines love tennis balls? 

When you've got a tennis ball centric doggie, then you might be questioning why they're so obsessive about them. The quick reply is that canines have a inbuilt, pure intuition to love tennis balls, and like them over all different sorts of balls.

That is largely as a result of the truth that tennis balls have a furry and hair like texture that mimics the sensation of prey of their mouths. As wild animals, canines would naturally hunt their very own prey, and would carry their kill of their mouths. The sensation of fur of their mouths is pure to them, and so, it's deeply ingrained inside canines to get pleasure from carrying tennis balls!   

Why is my canine obsessive about tennis balls? 

Your canine is almost definitely obsessive about tennis balls due to their pure intuition to hunt, catch and retrieve prey. You'll have observed that your canine will go to excessive lengths to get a tennis ball, even when it rolls down a hill right into a river, or throughout the road, your canine will go get it. 

So, what's the obsession with tennis balls? Nicely, the wonderful thing about tennis balls is that they're versatile, which might be why they're universally beloved by canines. Tennis balls could be smooth and squishy, in order that canines can chew them, they will additionally bounce round, and so they make loud noises once they bounce. 

As well as, tennis balls have a smooth, fuzzy and furry texture which may ensnare the senses of a canine, and be stimulating and enjoyable to play with. So, the place does this pleasure come from, and why do canines love tennis balls a lot? The explanation might shock you! 

The evolutionary purpose canines love tennis balls

It's not simply in regards to the vibrant colour of a tennis ball, or the truth that it bounces, makes noises and has a fuzzy really feel. There may be truly a a lot deeper purpose as to why canines love enjoying with tennis balls, and that is due to an internal pure survival intuition that canines have. 

Canine love chasing balls as they bounce because it reminds them of chasing prey and it unlocks that internal animal inside them. Earlier than canines had been domesticated and bred for objective, they might have been wild canines, descended from wolves. 

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Within the wild, wolves and canines must rely on their survival instincts, abilities and ways with a view to survive. They might additionally must turn into predators, looking, chasing and capturing their prey. No matter what breed your canine is, at the same time as a small toy breed, the canine can have survival instincts handed down from generations by evolution. 

With out the intuition to hunt, orient themselves, stalk, chase, assault, kill and tear aside their prey, canines wouldn't exist right this moment, and they also nonetheless have some instincts in them. That being stated, canines right this moment have been bred for solely completely different functions, and so some instincts are benign, and dormant.

These days, canines have tailored to alter, and now not want the flexibility to hunt, stalk or kill their prey. As a substitute, these instincts are discovered of their behaviors, reminiscent of their need to chase balls, deliver their homeowners sticks, and carry gadgets of their mouths. 

Canine have misplaced their want for his or her survival instincts after people bred them particularly for different functions. For example, Labradors and Golden Retrievers had been bred to retrieve prey, whereas German Shepherds and Sheepdogs are herding animals. Different breeds reminiscent of Setters or Terriers had been bred for looking and rat-catching. This is the reason you might discover that these breeds like to play with tennis balls, as the texture of a tennis ball replicates that of a rat or rodent. 

As well as, the way in which {that a} tennis ball bounces round in several instructions is much like the way in which a rodent would run away or flee from the canine, and so chasing a tennis ball is extremely stimulating and pleasurable for canines to do. 

Nevertheless, people taught canines to not chew and kill the prey, however merely catch it and convey it to us. That is the place that change in intuition is available in. Now, as a substitute, canines catch and retrieve balls or toys for us, and we're given the ball because the fruit of their labors.  

Are tennis balls secure for canines to play with?

We all know how a lot canines love tennis balls, however are they good for them, and secure to play with? Within the case of my canine, who loves destroying, chewing and consuming something she will be able to get her paws on…we don't let her have them, as she pulls and eats the fluff off them! 

Different canine homeowners love letting their pets play with tennis balls, and see no drawback with it. Whether or not tennis balls are secure for canines is extremely debated amongst canine homeowners internationally, as many individuals warn in opposition to it, and others suppose that they're superb. 

The explanation many canine homeowners advise in opposition to permitting your canine to play with tennis balls is as a result of they aren't designed for canines. Tennis balls are designed as very sturdy sports activities instruments, and might subsequently stand up to a number of hits from rackets, and lots of bounces on the ground. This makes tennis balls very robust, sturdy and difficult, which could be exhausting on some canine’s enamel, and trigger dental issues if used as a chew toy. 

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In these circumstances, many canine homeowners consider that canines mustn't use tennis balls, and may as a substitute chew on particularly designed canine toys or balls for the sake of their dental well being and nicely being. For example, why not do this canine ball toy or a rubber ball puzzle toy to maintain your canine engaged and stimulated. 

Along with being robust on a canine’s enamel, the fluff of a tennis ball may also get soiled, rot and turn into exhausting after in depth use, which may even have opposed results in your canine’s gums, enamel and oral well being. Additionally, if the fuzzy a part of the tennis ball is ingested, this will trigger digestive issues, a blockage or different well being points that may should be handled. 

That being stated, there may be nothing unsuitable with throwing a tennis ball each on occasion on your canine, simply ensure that it's not getting used as a chew toy, as it will almost definitely harm the enamel. 

In some uncommon circumstances, canines may even be susceptible to choking on a tennis ball, as this has occurred previously, and might trigger blockages within the intestines if swallowed, and even outcome within the dying of the canine, and so you need to train warning. If you're involved, then you possibly can as a substitute buy all kinds of various kinds of balls, made particularly for enjoying with canines, to make sure yours is secure. 

Alternatively, any toy that you just depart along with your canine alone and unattended is usually a threat. You shouldn't let your canine chew on a toy alone as they might ingest elements of the toy, eat it or choke on the toy itself. This is the reason you need to at all times have your canine in sight or underneath remark when consuming, chewing or gnawing on an merchandise.  

One of the best factor to do is train warning when enjoying with tennis balls. Your canine will should be supervised, and you need to solely actually use them for throwing, and fetching. In case your canine loves retrieving them for you, then reward and reward them!

Simply bear in mind to not allow them to gnaw on or chew the tennis balls by themselves, or allow them to turn into obsessive about enjoying with tennis balls. 

How do I cease my canine from being obsessive about tennis balls?

Does your canine appear to have an unhealthy relationship with its tennis balls? You’re not alone. Plenty of canines can develop too hooked up to enjoying and chewing on tennis balls, and generally it may be a tough behavior to interrupt. Sadly, you will need to break it.

Some canines can turn into utterly fixated on enjoying with tennis balls, and will keep away from contact with folks, different canines, and different sorts of toys. Fetching, chewing and enjoying with a tennis ball can turn into an obsession for them, and this will truly be very disturbing and harmful for the canine in the long term. 

The obsessive conduct can generally turn into tiring for a canine, as they might ask you to throw the ball, in order that they will get it for you. Some canines will repeat this forwards and backwards till they cross out, as they suppose that they're pleasing you, and so you shouldn't throw it repeatedly after some time. 

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By regularly throwing the ball, you possibly can truly stress out the canine, and make them anxious or nervous, unable to settle down till they retrieve it for you, or till you throw it once more. Though you might suppose that you're enjoying with them, this conduct ought to be stopped, and the canine must be calmed. 

Different canines can turn into possessive and harmful if anybody tries to take the tennis ball from them. For example, they will turn into aggressive, and will begin biting, attacking or growling at folks or different canines that come into contact with their tennis balls. 

Within the worst case situation, your canine might be harmed, injured or killed. As we talked about earlier, some canines can turn into obsessed by chasing a tennis ball, and they're going to undergo hell and excessive water to retrieve it. This will lead them into hazard, as they might not look the place they're going, and easily observe the ball. Which means that they might run into site visitors, be hit by a automobile, or leap right into a river with a quick present, and get swept away. None of which has a great final result. 

Subsequently, it's paramount that you just try to sway your canine away from the tennis balls, and break the unhealthy obsession with them. Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which you are able to do this safely. 

One of many best methods to cease your canine obsessing over tennis balls or fetching them is to have a set time and routine for while you play fetch, as a substitute of doing all of it day along with your canine till they're worn out. For those who put aside a time level in the course of the day to play fetch, your canine will cease obsessing over it, and will loosen up about enjoying with the tennis balls. 

It is because they know earlier than, and after this time has handed, you aren't going to play fetch with them, and they also will save their power for when the time comes. 

One other means you possibly can break the behavior is by limiting the time your canine has with tennis balls, and maintaining them out of attain. Provide different toys and video games to play, and attempt to distract them from tennis balls with a wide range of completely different and fascinating toys.

Lastly, ensure that your canine has a great train routine, and has sufficient lengthy walks. It will assist burn off additional power, and so they might not be as serious about enjoying fetch with you!


To conclude, canines are obsessive about tennis balls as a result of they've a pure intuition to chase, run, catch and fetch issues. This is because of a survival intuition that canines must catch and retrieve their prey. Like with any obsession, you need to attempt to keep away from letting your canine get too hooked up to tennis balls, and provide different technique of expelling power, and different toys to have interaction with. 

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