Quirky Cat Behavior: From Making Muffins to Spraying – A Bit of Insight!

(by Dr. Iuliana Mihai, DVM) All of us love cats! Cats are candy little creatures that by no means cease making us snort! They make humorous faces once they scent one thing unusual, they overlook to shut their mouth, they wish to make muffins, and so forth. However have you ever ever puzzled what all these behaviors symbolize, which in our eyes could seem odd, however for them, they're completely regular?

A dialog along with your cat will not be doable, however there are various methods to know the way it feels, and people methods embody "unusual" behaviors, equivalent to kneading (making muffins), rubbing towards our ft, vocalization, imitating a child, chewing, extreme grooming, spraying, leaping and operating everywhere in the home, sleeping in odd positions, sitting in your issues, watching over you throughout night time time, attacking your hand or foot, touching our face (particularly our nostril), and so on.

If you wish to know extra about these behaviors, test our tricks to grow to be an skilled in studying your cat's conduct.

Making Muffins

Kneading, or “making muffins”, occurs in the identical place, repeatedly. This conduct is normally accompanied by an intense purring. When your cat kneads you, it makes use of an intuition that it developed from the primary days of life. When kittens suckle from their mom, they therapeutic massage across the nipple to stimulate milk manufacturing. This behavior doesn't disappear when cats grow to be adults; they use it when they're happy or really feel the necessity to settle down.

Rubbing In opposition to Our Ft

Cats present their affection for us in some ways, and rubbing towards our ft is considered one of them. By way of this conduct, they mark us with their scent. The scented glands are discovered of their paws or across the mouth and chin. Cats also can rub towards furnishings or different surrounding objects, marking their territory with their scent. By marking us, cats let the entire world know that we belong to them. In different phrases, by releasing the pheromones from the pinnacle space, the cat exhibits that it's proud we're its proprietor.


Meowing is one other method cats talk with us. This conduct can happen at any time through the day, however particularly at night time, and is most frequently thought-about regular. Vocalization can happen from a number of causes equivalent to senility in cats, boredom, searching for consideration, ache, and so on. The Siamese cat breed is extra naturally vocal than different breeds.

If hastily, your cat begins to "talk" greater than regular or another way than traditional, many instances, it is a signal that one thing is mistaken. For instance, cats that vocalize when utilizing the litter field or when eliminating normally are experiencing discomfort or ache.

One other method cats talk is vocalization much like crying like a child. Cats are similar to infants and be taught to speak with us in the identical method as infants do - by means of listening and imitation. Thus, when the cat meows like a child, it imitates the infantile method you discuss to it. Folks have a tendency to speak to their pet like a child, in a extra infantile, caressing method. The cat desires nothing greater than to be on the identical wavelength as you.

There are occasions when your fluffy pet appears to be speaking, and you've got actually heard the sound your cat makes when it seems to be prefer it’s speaking between its tooth. In these moments, your cat is so pissed off as a result of it could possibly't get hold of one thing it desires. The sound, much like that made by a fawn, is decided by pleasure and/or exasperation. Though the sound is unusual, it's utterly regular, and it'll vanish with the disappearance of the supply of frustration.

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For instance, your cat is more likely to let you recognize that it's time for supper by meowing, and as soon as it's fed, will categorical contentment with purring or affectionate blinking.

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Though cats can not chew like canine, they nonetheless do some injury with their tooth. This conduct could be brought on by boredom, tooth eruption within the kitten's gums, aggression, dietary deficiencies, or once they like the feel or the style. It's an instinctive behavior.

Chewing in cats typically offers the stimulation they should recover from boredom. In different cats, this conduct has been related to OCD.

Extreme Grooming (Over-Grooming)

The cat's tongue is roofed with a whole lot of hook-like constructions (papillae). Cats have about 470, and people have over 9,000 style buds. The papillae are directed backward and are used for care and cleansing. Grooming in cats is normally a singular process, however there are occasions once they groom one another (for instance, when the mom is grooming her kittens). Extreme grooming in cats has 2 most important causes: behavioral when the cat over-grooms to alleviate stress (medically it's referred to as psychogenic alopecia), and medical when the cat has exterior parasites or allergic reactions, which frequently translate into dermatitis.

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This conduct is one other type of marking the territory. The cat turns its again on a vertical floor, it's going to increase its tail, and spray with urine - the tail typically trembles when the cat adopts this conduct. Spraying will not be the identical as urinating. When urinating, cats squat, and eradicate on any horizontal floor.

Sterilization doesn't cease cats from spraying their territory; it solely adjustments the scent of urine (particularly in males) and reduces the motivation for spraying. Research present that about 10% of sterilized males and 5% of sterilized females will proceed to spray and mark their territory with urine. This conduct happens most frequently in households with extra cats as a result of they'll really feel the necessity to mark their territory extra typically. This conduct may also be noticed in households with a single cat, however much less typically.

Leaping and Working All Over the Home (Particularly At Night time)

It has actually occurred at the very least as soon as that your cat has began operating, out of the blue, for no purpose and and not using a sure vacation spot, hitting issues round the home. Since cats sleep many of the day, a major quantity of power accumulates that should be launched. It's preferable to play along with your cat to launch this power. But when you do not have time for it, the cat will burn power by randomly operating round the home, or leaping on varied issues, particularly at night time time.

Laying and Sleeping in Odd Positions

When your cat sits on its again with its legs aside, it implies that it's comfy. On this place it's relaxed and pleased, it trusts these round it, and it feels protected round you. Specialists in feline conduct say that when a cat exposes its stomach and thorax, which home the very important organs, it feels protected and trusts us. Cats additionally undertake this place on scorching summer season days; they expose their bellies to chill off.

Our fluffy associates additionally wish to roll on their backs. Rolling round the home on their again is one other method to discharge the collected power, and even to do away with the nervousness they've. This conduct makes your cat really feel relaxed.

Sitting on Your Issues

Cats love to take a seat on high of our issues, and particularly on freshly washed garments or laptops. From books, garments, telephones, or the pc keyboard, you may consider plenty of issues on which your cat sits. By sitting in your issues, your cat, on the one hand, is aware of that it's going to obtain all of your consideration, and however it feels protected. When you have an exercise that relaxes you, by the easy indisputable fact that it's subsequent to you, your cat additionally relaxes. Additionally, the cat desires to depart its scent on you and your issues, particularly on freshly washed garments.

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Watching Over You Throughout Nighttime

Legend has it that the ancestors of cats, the African wild cat, had been nocturnal animals. Thus, it's not shocking that your cat watches over you at night time like an owl once you sleep. Play along with your

cat within the night or earlier than bedtime to verify it would not maintain you awake at night time. This fashion you'll make your cat drained in order that it could possibly sleep at night time, as a substitute of wandering round the home.

Attacking Your Hand or Foot

When your cat assaults your hand, foot, or slipper it merely instinctively practices searching (leaping, catching, and biting). For it, this gesture may also be at play. In case you are attacked, enter its sport, or distract it with a laser toy. Don't let your cat chew you, and don't encourage this conduct. Enter its sport by taking its thoughts off the chew - play with it with cat toys like fishing poles, balls, feathers, laser toys, and so on.

Cats chew for a number of causes: they're confused, nervous, they’re enjoying, or just because they'll. Biting is an intuition in cats, so that you should not be shocked if at one level it grooms you and the following it bites you. Irrespective of how badly it bites you, strive to not yell at your cat. It's best to maneuver away from it.

Touching Our Face (Particularly Our Nostril)

It's identified that cats are very curious animals by nature, and a part of their curiosity focuses on people. They wish to scent your face, contact noses, or decide up your scent.

Cats do that with different cats, and particularly with these with whom they've already made a connection - the phenomenon is named allorubbing and happens when two cats rub their heads, our bodies, and tails collectively. Specialists have come to the conclusion that one of these interplay between cats could be much like hugs between folks - hugging facilitates and maintains pleasant social relationships.

Remaining Ideas

Should you couldn’t earlier than, hopefully now you can analyze your cat’s quirky behaviors and have a greater understanding of their wants, emotions, and desires - or in some circumstances, calls for.

Dr. Iuliana Mihai, DVM, Masters In Small Animals And Equines Pathology

Iuliana graduated from the College of Agronomical Sciences and Veterinary Drugs in 2012, Romania. She has a Grasp’s diploma in Small Animal and Equines Pathology and a robust affinity for Veterinary Parasitology and Laboratory. In 2013 she began her Ph.D. in epithelial most cancers in canine and cats. She volunteered on the school’s clinic at her third 12 months of research, and continued her profession in small animal pathology and laboratory. She has one cat and eleven rats. Her pursuits outdoors of labor embody touring, writing, and crafting.

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