Why Does My Cat Lick My Face? 6 Reasons for This Behavior

Kitty kisses may be cute and endearing. However being incessantly licked by a tongue that looks like sand may be uncomfortable and worsening.

With the intention to right this bothersome conduct, it’s essential to grasp precisely why your cat is consistently licking you. Listed below are six of the most typical causes behind your cat’s tongue baths.

1. Fond Household Recollections

One purpose on your cat licking your face is that she has accepted you as a part of her pleasure and feels utterly comfortable in your presence. Mom cats will typically lick their kittens to make them really feel protected and safe. Now, the roles are reversed, and your kitty is exhibiting you affection the easiest way she is aware of how – to by licking your face.

2. She’s Searching for Consideration

In case your cat is feeling bored or lonely, she might begin licking you to get consideration. Generally, the licking signifies that she merely needs to play or be petted. Nonetheless, in different instances, the obsessive face licking could possibly be an indication of stress or separation nervousness.

Extreme stress-induced licking, whether or not it’s grooming herself or grooming your face, might imply that your feline is burdened. If it’s gotten to the purpose the place the licking is interfering with day-to-day life, you need to schedule a wellness examination together with your vet.

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Picture Credit score: guvo59, Pixabay

3. Mine, Mine, Mine

Cats will lick objects (and seemingly your face) to mark it as their very own. Leaving her scent on you establishes you as her property. Mama cats will do the identical to their kittens. Even cats that aren’t associated however get alongside very effectively will lick each other to socially bond.

4. Grooming

When your cat licks your face, she could also be attempting to scrub you. Whereas a shower of cat saliva doesn’t actually sound that clear, this grooming promotes bonding. Within the wild, cats who're a part of the identical neighborhood will typically lick each other to kind tighter bonds. The face licking simply signifies that your pet considers you a part of her pleasure.

5. A Human Pacifier

Kittens who have been taken away from or deserted by their mom earlier than they have been eight weeks previous might develop an oral fixation, making them vulnerable to extreme licking. They didn’t get the suitable period of time to suckle and licking could be a soothing substitute for that.

6. She Finds You Tasty

Whether or not it’s from the salt of your sweat or a spill in your arm, your kitty could also be licking you as a result of she enjoys the style.

Picture Credit score: guvo59, Pixabay

Methods to Cease the Fixed Licking

Stopping extreme licking out of your cat might show to be tough. This conduct is commonly rooted in love and affection, so it could be powerful to cease with out harming your relationship.

The easiest way to stop licking is to redirect your cat’s actions. For instance, in case your cat goes to lick your face, merely transfer it away from her and pet her as an alternative. You would additionally transfer away out of your cat when she begins licking. This causes her to affiliate her licking together with your disappearance.

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The Backside Line on Licking

In case your cat is at all times licking your face, it could possibly be due to her deep adoration for you, desirous to mark you as her property, or as a result of she needs consideration. It could even be due to stress. Contact your vet if you happen to assume that is the case.

Above all else, know that your cat loves you and considers you a part of her feline household.

Picture Credit score: Pixabay

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