Cats & Cords: Why Cats Chew Electrical Cords & How to Stop the Behavior

Squirrels and rodents aren’t the one ones who chew wires. Some cats have the gnawing behavior too! 

Let’s check out why some cats chew electrical cords and what you are able to do to maintain your kitties—and your wires—secure.

Keep in mind, discuss along with your vet about any unusual conduct. Chewing odd objects generally is a signal of a nutrient deficiency, and also you wish to rule that out first.

Why Are Cords So Scrumptious?

Sadly, there isn’t one definitive reply to the query of why cats and kittens chew on electrical cords. Under are a number of the prospects:

  1. Sensory – Most wires are coated in plastic, which means there might be a really feel, scent or style that cats like. The rubbery feeling towards their gums might be interesting, in addition to the temperature of the plastic.

    Scientists additionally consider cats can distinguish scents a lot better than people and even canines. Though we don’t discover an odor round our cords, cats might scent one thing they get pleasure from.

    Lastly, there may a part within the coating that they wish to style. As an example, plastic baggage are generally coated in corn starch and photographs in gelatin, inflicting some cats to chew or lick them.

    Many plastics are additionally handled with a fatty acid present in animal and vegetable fats, which may draw your cat.

  2. Behavior (and probably OCD) – Like biting your nails, it might be a scenario the place as soon as they begin, they will’t cease, and it turns into a behavior. Additionally, a cat that has obsessive-compulsive dysfunction (OCD) might overgroom and chew on or eat inedible objects.

  3. Play – It’s no secret cats like stringy issues, and cords look so much like different toys they play with. Though chewing is extra usually related to canines, cats generally develop a passion for chewing throughout playtime (certainly one of mine does it with feathers).

  4. Boredom – Identical to us, cats do a whole lot of non-productive issues after they’re bored. Whereas we might eat although we’re not hungry or scroll endlessly by means of social media, it’s potential cats chew wires after they don't have anything higher to do.

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Methods to Get Cats to Cease Chewing on Cords

 Listed below are some methods to get cats (and kittens) to cease going for cords.

Cover wires utilizing twine covers or PVC tubing

Twine covers are designed to cover wires for aesthetics and security causes. Use them to cover all seen wires. You may also disguise wires with PVC tubing. 

Coat cords with smells cats don’t like:

  • When you’ll discover extra anti-chew sprays for canines, you possibly can nonetheless use them for cats, particularly in the event that they embody a citrus component.  Cats don’t like citrus (put a freshly lower orange in entrance of them and so they’ll usually pull their head into their physique like a turtle withdrawing into its shell).

  • Not down with a lemon scent? Go for coating the cords menthol substance – like Vicks VapoRub – as a result of cats don’t get pleasure from menthol. 

Distract with playtime

As quickly as you see your cat going for a twine, distract them with a toy. This can particularly assist if the cat is chewing out of boredom. Playtime will redirect power to one thing productive and secure. The very best kind of toy for it is a wand or teaser toy, so it seems to be just like the twine, however the movement will appeal to the cat to the toy as an alternative of the twine. 

Use clicker coaching

You can train a cat new methods! Clicker coaching is the usage of a clicker to get an animal to carry out the specified motion. In case your cat is treat-motivated, clicker coaching is surprisingly simple. To start out, click on the clicker and provides the cat a deal with.

After doing it a number of occasions, you possibly can broaden the coaching to show your cat to sit down and even excessive 5. How does this assist with twine chewing? It’s one other approach to drain a cat’s power and activate his mind, which discourages unappealing conduct. 

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Begin Early

An important approach to get cats to cease chewing on cords is to cease them earlier than the behavior is absolutely developed. It’s essential to curb this conduct ASAP. Though it’s irritating when you've got a kitten doing it, act straight away. Identical to in individuals, adjusting habits and behaviors is less complicated at a youthful age.

Additionally, chewing on different varieties of cords (like window blinds) may result in chewing on electrical cords. Be sure you additionally handle this conduct to forestall it from escalating to electrical cords.

Though it’s annoying and irritating, you possibly can cease kitties from chewing electrical cords. And don’t neglect – don’t yell at your cat and all the time use constructive reinforcement to correctly solidify new behaviors.

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