Stardew Valley: Why are My Chickens Grumpy?

Desk of Contents

  • The Fundamentals of Protecting Chickens
  • Why are My Chickens Grumpy?
  • Are Chickens Worthwhile?
  • Wrap Up

Stardew Valley permits us to stay out the key farm residing desires that many people by no means knew we had. The simplicity of getting up early, feeding your animals, tending to your crops, and fishing to earn a little bit additional money will get addictive quick.

Like many good farms, you even have the chance of elevating chickens by yourself idyllic property. However except you handle them, you’re prone to discover that your chickens are getting grumpy.

As a result of I wish to guarantee your chickens are wholesome and worthwhile, I’ll be explaining to you why your chickens are grumpy in Stardew Valley, and naturally, what you are able to do to repair it.

The Fundamentals of Protecting Chickens

I’m going to begin off by providing you with some fundamental info on hen upkeep. Right here’s what I’ll cowl:

  • The place you may get chickens
  • Methods to feed them
  • The place you’ll maintain them
  • What day by day hen upkeep appears to be like like

The place to get chickens…

Once you’re prepared, you should purchase chicks from Marnie’s Ranch, which is situated virtually instantly south of your farm. Every chick prices 800 gold.

After buying a chick, Marnie sends them to your farm the next morning. You'll be able to select a reputation for every chick, or simply go along with the randomly generated title if you happen to’re feeling a little bit lazy.

Feeding your chickens…

Though your chickens received’t die if you happen to don’t feed them, it’s greatest for everybody concerned if you happen to, nicely…do feed them. So what do they eat, and the way do you feed them?

Like with cows, goats, pigs, and sheep, you’ll feed your chickens hay. There are a number of methods you may get them their day by day dose of hay: via the silo, by placing bundles of hay within the feeding trough your self, or letting your chickens out.

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Even in case you have the silo, which shops hay for you, the meals isn’t mechanically dispersed to your chickens till you’ve upgraded the coop sufficient. Which means that earlier on, you should still have to stroll in and take hay from the feeder within the nook, which you’ll then unfold out within the trough to your chickens.

When you open the coop, your chickens can go away and eat grass round your farm, too. They’ll return to the coop themselves within the night if you happen to go away the coop open.

Sheltering your chickens…

You'll be able to’t have chickens in any respect if you happen to don’t present a correct shelter for them. That shelter known as a coop.

Like the opposite buildings in your farm, you may have it constructed by Robin. The beginning worth for the bottom tier coop is 4,000 gold and can value you an extra 300 wooden and 100 stone. At this stage, the coop will have the ability to maintain as much as 4 chickens.

You’ll wish to take a look at upgrading your coop as quickly as you may, although. The deluxe coop, pictured above, can maintain as much as twelve chickens and comes with an autofeed system that may parcel out hay out of your silo for you. It saves you a little bit time.

To get to the deluxe coop, although, you’ll have to improve the essential coop to the large coop. This can value you 10,000 gold, 400 wooden, and 150 stone. Then you may improve to the deluxe coop, which can value you 20,000 gold, 500 wooden, and 200 stone.

Every day hen upkeep…

Let’s assume you’ve received three totally grown chickens in your farm. Right here’s what your day by day upkeep for them would appear to be.

First, you’d get up (clearly). You’d rise up, exit to your coop, and work together with all of your chickens. A coronary heart will seem above their heads. I’m undecided why. One individual on our group says you’re hugging the chickens, however I’m not 100% positive if that’s what taking place or if you happen to’re petting them.

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Gather the eggs scattered round by your chickens, or from the auto-grabber in case you have one. Together with your eggs collected, test the feeding trough to verify your chickens have been fed. In any other case, open the door on the coop to allow them to out to allow them to eat grass.

I personally constructed a corral round my coop and plant grass inside it. I go away the door on the coop open on a regular basis, so the chickens can go in or out as they please. They solely have to eat from the feeding trough when it’s raining or throughout the winter this fashion.

Right here’s Why Your Chickens are Grumpy

Now that I’ve crammed you in on chickens, let’s get to the rationale you’re really right here: to determine why your chickens are grumpy, and what you are able to do about it. I’ll talk about the potential causes beneath…

1. You didn’t feed your chickens on a given day.

Every hen wants one unit of hay per day. When you fail to feed them at some point, they’ll get grumpy and they’ll begin to look skinny.

So if you happen to discover that your chickens are wanting grumpy a number of days in a row, test your feeding trough. Chances are you'll have to replenish the hay in your silo if the trough and feeder you may pull hay from are constantly empty.

Must you want extra hay, you should purchase some from Marnie’s Ranch or use your scythe to reap some grass so long as it’s not winter.

2. You left them exterior in a single day.

When you do what I do and go away your coop’s door open on a regular basis, this received’t ever be an issue. Nevertheless, if you happen to shut the door often and overlook that you just’ve received a hen exterior, it will likely be grumpy that it wasn’t capable of sleep in its mattress!

You additionally put your chickens prone to being attacked in the event that they’re caught exterior in a single day. Understandably, being attacked scares the crap out of them, which makes them much more sad.

That is a simple subject to repair. Merely go away the door open on a regular basis so chickens can come and go each time they need. When you’re involved about them coming again, keep in mind that they return mechanically to the coop within the night.

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In the course of the winter, your chickens received’t go away the coop in any respect. That’s the one time I shut the door on the coop.

3. They want some love.

This received’t make your chickens “grumpy” per se, however they’ll like you numerous much less if you happen to’re not petting them daily. You’ll know you’ve petted the hen when a little bit coronary heart seems above their heads.

To pet them, merely stroll as much as them and work together with them. You’ll see the center come up after which they’ll make a contented clucking noise.

Are Chickens Worthwhile in Stardew Valley?

Earlier than I end up this put up, there’s one final query I believe is value addressing: are chickens worthwhile?

Sure, they completely may be! Deal with your chickens, and so they’ll lay giant or regular-sized eggs for you each single day. There’s lots you are able to do with these eggs.

The best factor you are able to do is just promote the eggs as-is. A big egg will promote for 95 gold, which isn’t all that dangerous when you’ve received a deluxe coop full of the utmost twelve chickens.

I personally make the eggs into mayo, although, as a result of it sells for more cash. You’ll get 190-285 gold per jar of mayo, relying on whether or not it’s regular or gold star-level high quality. The disadvantage is that you just’ll have to spend time processing the eggs, which takes Three in-game hours.

Wrap Up

The subsequent time you see your chickens getting grumpy, you’ll now know what to test and learn how to repair the problem. Preserve your chickens glad and wholesome, and so they can change into a really worthwhile a part of your farm in Stardew Valley.

We’ve created different guides to assist reply your most urgent Stardew Valley questions, too. You'll be able to learn our information about the perfect crops to develop in the summertime of 12 months 1, or peruse this information about why your timber aren’t rising.

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