How to fix ‘no atomizer’ or ‘check atomizer’ on your e-cig.

An e-cig that claims ‘no atomizer’ or ‘examine atomizer’ is a message that no vaper desires to see. A supply of frustration as a result of this message flashing up in your vape mod most likely signifies that you can't vape. 

It is going to inevitably occur in some unspecified time in the future and it's often a particularly simple repair. In the event you press the firing button in your e-cig and also you see the message ‘no atomizer’ or ‘examine atomizer’ it signifies that your vape mod just isn't studying the coil inside your vape tank correctly. 

It may be due to the 510 connection, the vape coil itself or the bits in between. In case your vape mod can’t detect your atomizer head, then it can't correctly ship energy to it. So your e-cig will throw up that message to let you recognize that there's a downside. 

Don’t fear vapers, in case you are right here as a result of your e-cig is at the moment providing you with this message, comply with our easy information and we could have you vaping once more very quickly. 

Strive one other vape tank or vape mod

So, you might have the ‘examine atomizer’ message, however we first want to seek out out if the issue lies throughout the tank or the mod. When you have them out there, we have to attempt one other tank and mod. That is the quickest technique to find out the place the issue lies. 

If potential, take away your vape tank and pop it onto one other vape mod. Is the completely different e-cig throwing up the identical message? Then we completely know that the issue is throughout the tank / coils. If a distinct vape mod doesn’t present the message along with your tank, then we have to slim down if the issue is with the mod. 

Pop a distinct vape tank on the mod and see whether it is displaying the identical message. Whether it is then we all know that your tank is ok and we have to take a more in-depth take a look at your e-cig. 

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Verify your vape coil

Allow us to begin easy. The primary reason behind a ‘examine atomizer’ message is your coil. 

Is your atomizer head screwed in? How outdated is your coil? Is it lifeless out of the field? 

Allow us to go step-by-step to try to repair this downside. 

Is your atomizer head screwed in proper?

Take the bottom of your tank off. Take care if it is filled with fluid and ensure you can take away the bottom with out the tank leaking. If not decant the vape juice out of the tank first.

Now examine that your coil is screwed into the bottom of the tank appropriately. It needs to be seated proper inside your tank to make a correct connection to your vape mod. 

Unscrew the coil and screw it again in once more, ensuring it's absolutely screwed in and there's no cross threading. Now attempt the tank in your mod and see if this has solved the issue. 

How outdated is your vape coil? 

How lengthy have your had the coil in your tank? All atomizer heads must be changed in some unspecified time in the future, the time varies between days and weeks. Relying on what energy you utilize, what vape juice you utilize and the coil resistance. 

In case your coil wants altering for a brand new one, it could actually trigger this error. So in case you suppose it's time for a brand new one attempt placing a brand new coil in your tank. Taking care to completely prime your coil earlier than use. This could eliminate the ‘examine atomizer’ message. 

Is your coil lifeless on arrival? 

Hardly ever some coils don’t work straight out of the field. 

When you have simply put in a brand new coil and every part was working till this level, attempt taking this out and placing one other one in. If this solves the problem, contact our customer support workforce who will be capable of advise you concerning a coil that doesn’t work immediately. 

510 connections in your e-cig

There two factors inside your e-cig which have to satisfy correctly and make a connection. This permits energy to go between your e-cig mod and tank. 

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In the event you take your tank off your mod and take a look at them you will note the connections. In your mod there's a ‘feminine’ reference to threads that you simply screw your tank into, on the backside of this can be a small plate of steel. In your vape tank there's a ‘male’ reference to threads that you simply screw into your e-cig, proper on the finish of that is one other steel plate. 

These two sections in your e-cig are referred to as your ‘510 connections’. These two steel plates must make a correct connection on your e-cig to work correctly, that is the place energy passes by way of out of your battery to your coil. 

Clear the 510 connection in your vape mod

When you have carried out the primary check and one other tank in your vape mod is displaying the identical message, this might point out that the issue is your e-cig battery or mod. The possibilities are that is a straightforward repair. 

Take away your tank out of your e-cig and take a look on the threads and steel plate to verify there are not any bigger items of particles there. Then take a cotton bud, or piece of paper towel and press it gently into the outlet on the highest of your e-cig. Twist it spherical as you go and just remember to have cleaned off the highest of the steel plate. 

Upon getting carried out this, have one other look to ensure that there is no such thing as a paper towel or cotton in there. Screw your tank again onto your e-cig, ensure you don’t over tighten this. If it nonetheless isn’t working then transfer onto the following step. 

Clear the 510 connection in your vape tank

So, we have now cleaned the connection in your vape mod, now we have to take a look at the underside of your vape tank. 

Now each 510 connections ought to be clear and while you screw your vape tank again into your vape mod the connection ought to be made and the message will disappear. If not then transfer onto the following step. 

Verify the 510 connection in your tank

Despite the fact that you might have cleaned the 510 connection in your tank, there's a likelihood that it'd want somewhat bit extra love. 

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When you have over tightened your tank onto your mod, it could actually push the steel plate from the 510 connection up into the tank. This often signifies that it's sat flush with a rubber o-ring. If that is so then it gained’t make a full connection to your e-cig. Whereas your tank is disconnected from the mod, take a look at the steel plate. Is it broken in any manner? If it doesn’t look broken, does it appear like it's pushed up too far? 

In that case, that you must gently try to manipulate the plate again to its regular place. Take care to not pull this out too far or you possibly can take away it solely. Use your fingernails and try to pull the pin down a millimetre or two. Then attempt it once more in your mod. 

Verify the 510 connection in your vape mod

Similar to the 510 connection in your tank, the one in your mod also can undergo in case your tank has been screwed on too tight. 

Most 510 pins on e-cigs are spring loaded, so they need to naturally seat themselves again to the proper place. However they will typically get caught if an excessive amount of stress has been utilized. 

Take your tank off your mod and switch it off, or take away the battery. Then take one thing small, like a small screwdriver and really gently press down on the pin. You need to really feel the spring beneath and this will get it to pop again into the proper place. 

Strive attaching your tank once more and see if the message has gone. If not and also you imagine that the pin in your e-cig is the issue, contact our customer support workforce. The rest you try to do can danger damaging the e-cig additional and might danger voiding any guarantee. 

Contact us

Whereas getting any error message in your e-cig may be irritating, bear in mind the repair is often simple. If after this information you might be nonetheless struggling don’t hesitate to contact our customer support workforce who shall be more than pleased to run by way of some additional downside fixing with you. 

We are going to resolve any issues you will have. 

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