Hamster Diet: What can Syrian hamsters eat?

Are you interested in the hamster weight-reduction plan and meals preferences? In case you have a Syrian hamster, you could be asking What can Syrian hamsters eat? These cute little hamsters will eat something, nevertheless, not all meals are appropriate for Syrian hamsters.

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On this article, we’ll cowl what Syrian hamsters ought to and shouldn’t eat and the best way to present them with the very best weight-reduction plan potential.

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Syrian Hamster Food regimen

Wild hamsters merely eat no matter kinds of seeds, grains, grasses, and bugs can be found within the space they reside in. Hamsters are omnivores so that they eat each meat and vegetation a lot the best way that folks do. And, since domesticated hamsters are intently associated to their wild cousins, their weight-reduction plan is comparable. 

What’s a Syrian hamster weight-reduction plan?

Your hamster ought to eat a pelleted hamster combine that’s specifically made for his or her dietary wants. Search for one that doesn’t have synthetic colours as that received’t be nearly as good for them. 

Hamsters additionally get pleasure from consuming vegatables and fruits as treats. However, nearly all of their weight-reduction plan must be a pelleted hamster combine. It’s essential that you simply not overfeed your pet hamster.

It’s possible you’ll discover that their cheeks are stuffed full off meals whereas they’re consuming. However, it’s essential to know that they don’t eat all the things they put of their cheeks.

They cover a number of the meals underneath their bedding to eat sooner or later.

How a lot do you have to feed your hamster?

Specialists advocate that your Syrian hamster eat a hamster weight-reduction plan of about 1/eight cup of pelleted hamster meals per day. That is for a standard-sized Syrian or teddy bear hamster.

In fact, every hamster has a distinct urge for food and totally different metabolism. So, it’s essential to observe what they eat to make certain you aren’t over or underfeeding them.

What meals we advocate

We discover Oxbow Necessities Hamster and gerbil meals is absolutely favored by our Syrian Hamsters. Here’s a hyperlink to Chewy.com the place you should purchase it on-line and have quick supply to your door.

Product Description

Whereas hamsters and gerbils love seeds and fruits, they are often excessive in energy and low in dietary high quality. Consuming an excessive amount of of those meals may cause finicky consuming patterns and weight problems.

Oxbow Necessities Wholesome Handfuls Hamster & Gerbil Meals is a whole weight-reduction plan balanced with vitamins that assist keep correct vitamin, weight, digestive operate and dental well being.

It incorporates a mix of timothy hay, oats and barley to supply very important vitamins that assist each day operate and efficiency in hamsters and gerbils.

Key Advantages

  • Specifically formulated to reflect a hamster/gerbils weight-reduction plan. This can be certain that your pet lives a wholesome way of life. Utterly balanced and nutritious.
  • Fortified with stabilized Vitamin C, A and B12. This helps be certain that your pet’s well being and immunity system are in tip-top form.
  • Consists of high-fiber Timothy hay meal that promotes wholesome gastrointestinal well being. Preserve your pet’s well being at optimum degree.
  • Hamsters and gerbils are omnivores, which implies they eat meat and plant materials.
  • This product makes use of farm-fresh timothy hay to supply the fiber content material obligatory to take care of intestinal well being and stop digestive upset.


What time ought to I feed my Syrian hamster?

The time of day you feed your hamster doesn’t actually matter. Hamsters will eat the meals once they’re hungry. And, it would cover meals across the cage to snack on all through the day. 

When you can go away some pelleted hamster weight-reduction plan combine of their bowl, it’s essential that you simply not go away any meals that may rot. Any uneaten vegatables and fruits must be promptly faraway from their cage.

How ought to I introduce a brand new meals to my hamster?

When you’re undecided what your Syrian hamster will eat apart from the standard hamster weight-reduction plan, begin out slowly. Supply just one new kind of meals at a time.

And, make sure you supply them solely a really small piece. This manner, in case your hamster doesn’t just like the meals, you haven’t wasted it.

And, if it upsets their abdomen or causes diarrhea, you received’t have given them a big quantity. 

So long as your hamster likes the small take a look at piece and it doesn’t make them sick, you may supply them a bigger piece subsequent time.

Whereas these are meals that many Syrian hamsters get pleasure from consuming, each hamster has its personal dietary preferences. So, yours might not like one thing that one other hamster likes.

What can Syrian hamsters not eat?

Listed below are only a few issues that your Syrian hamster shouldn’t eat.

  • The leafy a part of the tomato
  • Chocolate or sweet
  • Potato chips or different junk meals
  • Raw beans, potatoes
  • Onions, garlic, peppers
  • Almonds
  • Citrus fruits
  • Apple seeds
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Rhubarb or rhubarb leaves

So, what can Syrian hamsters eat apart from hamster combine? As I discussed above, Syrian hamsters can have contemporary vegatables and fruits minimize in tiny cubes as a deal with.

Whereas they get pleasure from quite a lot of several types of fruits and veggies, it’s essential to observe the sugar content material whenever you give them these.

Listed below are solutions to frequent questions on what can Syrian hamsters eat.

Can hamsters eat bread?

Whereas hamsters can eat very small quantities of brown bread, they need to not eat white bread. Bread just isn’t good for them and white bread is the least wholesome possibility. This could solely be provided to them not often, if in any respect.

You shouldn’t feed them issues like cookies, crackers, desserts and different baked items or snack meals. These are very excessive in fats, salt, and sugar. And, they’d not be a part of a wild hamster’s weight-reduction plan.

When you’re questioning what to attempt first, maintain their weight-reduction plan as near their wild cousin’s weight-reduction plan as potential.

Can hamsters eat carrots and different greens?

When you’re asking what can Syrian hamsters eat, you could be questioning about carrots. Carrots generally is a great deal with to your hamster as a result of it’s good to gnaw on.

Plus, it’s a tasty deal with that’s excessive in fiber. Somewhat than giving them an enormous chunk, minimize the carrot in smaller cubes or supply a child carrot for them to chew on.

They might additionally get pleasure from greens like cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, peas, and even dandelion greens. 

Do not forget that carrots and different greens do comprise small quantities of sugar. And, any fruit or vegetable ought to solely be used as an occasional deal with.

You shouldn’t supply them treats every single day. A majority of any hamster weight-reduction plan must be a pelleted hamster combine.

Can a hamster eat banana and different fruits?

Sure, bananas are an awesome selection for any hamster together with Syrian hamsters. However, as a result of bananas are so candy, they need to solely be given a 1/four teaspoon of banana at one time.

And, it is best to solely feed them banana a couple of times per week. Whereas it might seem like a tiny quantity of meals to you, it’s simply good for a hamster.

Hamsters also can eat grapes, apples, watermelon, pears, peaches, and strawberries. Just remember to take away any seeds in order that your hamster doesn’t choke.

And, you may wish to peel the grape and the apple to make it simpler to your hamster to eat. When you select to supply your hamster a grape, just be sure you quarter it earlier than you give it to them.

Syrian hamsters eat all kinds of fruits as an occasional deal with.

Can hamsters eat cheese?

Sure, as a result of hamsters are omnivores, they will eat very delicate, low-fat cheeses. Make sure that the cheese is unflavored. Any delicate, low-fat cheese will work in addition to cottage cheese.

This could solely be given to them as soon as each week or two as a deal with. And, it is best to solely supply a small dice or curd of cheese.

Don’t supply them Blue cheese as that is poisonous to hamsters and to different small animals. And, make certain that you supply them actual cheese and never processed cheese meals like American cheese or cheese spreads or loaves.

Can hamsters eat meat? 

As a result of Syrian hamsters are omnivores, their weight-reduction plan would usually embrace meat within the wild. Wild hamsters would eat bugs. And, protein is a vital a part of any hamster’s weight-reduction plan. 

The closest factor that we will supply our hamsters could be mealworms or crickets. You should buy freeze-dried crickets that your hamster will get pleasure from snacking on.

Or, if you happen to’re not too squeamish, you may supply them a reside cricket as effectively. These are very talked-about choices for Syrian and dwarf hamsters.

When you would slightly not supply them bugs, you may give them different kinds of meat like beef or hen. The meat have to be effectively cooked and it have to be unseasoned.

Which means you can’t add pepper, salt or any kind of seasoning whenever you put together it.

One other meat possibility for Syrian hamsters is canned pet food. Once more, ensure that it isn’t seasoned. And, make certain that it doesn’t have any elements listed underneath the meals that hamsters can not eat part.

Can Syrian hamsters eat milk?

Milk just isn’t poisonous to hamsters so technically, they will drink milk. Nonetheless, it isn’t good for them. An excessive amount of milk may cause diarrhea. And, it may be tough to feed a hamster milk.

When you go away it in a bowl, there’s a danger that the bowl might tip over and make a multitude. And, milk and different dairy merchandise go dangerous shortly.  So, you by no means wish to go away this out to your hamster to get pleasure from at a later time.

It’s far too seemingly that it’ll spoil and make your hamster sick.

The most effective weight-reduction plan for Syrian hamsters

The most effective weight-reduction plan for Syrian or different kinds of hamsters might be a pelleted weight-reduction plan that’s specifically made for hamsters. In case your hamster doesn’t get pleasure from pellets, you may search for a hamster seed combine as an alternative.

Or, you may typically discover a hamster weight-reduction plan combine that could be a mixture of pellets and seeds. 

Treats akin to meat, fruits, greens, and cheese ought to solely be given often – no more than as soon as per week. That is essential since you don’t need your hamster to replenish on treats and never get the vitamin they want from their pellets. 

In Abstract: What can Syrian hamsters eat?

When you’re nonetheless questioning what can Syrian hamsters eat, right here’s the underside line. Syrian or teddy bear hamsters ought to eat a weight-reduction plan that’s primarily an authorised hamster weight-reduction plan pellet combine.

For an occasional deal with, you may supply them very small items of brown bread, a small dice of many kinds of fruits or greens, a little bit piece of cheese, or freeze-dried crickets.

Treats ought to solely be provided on the most as soon as per week in order that they get enough vitamin from their pellets.

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