How Long Does Asparagus Last and What’s The Best Way To Store It?

To procure asparagus, used half of the spears, and put the remainder in storage. And after a day or two, you marvel: how lengthy does asparagus final?

You undoubtedly don’t need it to spoil earlier than you get an opportunity to make use of it. Plus it’s an costly veggie, and also you’re a aware spender.

Or perhaps you’ve heard that asparagus has a very quick shelf life, and also you wish to be taught what’s one of the best ways to retailer it so that you just put the bunch the place it belongs when you get dwelling.

If any of those sound acquainted, this text is for you.

In it, we cowl:

  • how lengthy is asparagus good for within the fridge
  • find out how to decide asparagus on the retailer
  • find out how to retailer asparagus, both recent or cooked
  • is freezing asparagus an possibility?
  • telling in case your asparagus is dangerous or not

Let’s get began.

Asparagus bunch in hand

How Lengthy Does Asparagus Final

Asparagus3 – four days
Asparagus with a moist paper towel5 – 7 days
Asparagus in a jar with water10 – 14 days
Cooked asparagus3 – 5 days
Please observe the durations above are solely estimates.

Contemporary uncooked asparagus lasts Three to four days within the fridge by itself. To get extra storage time, it's good to both wrap it in a moist paper towel or place it upright in a jar with some water. The previous provides you as much as per week, whereas the latter could make asparagus last as long as two weeks.

As you may inform, the durations fluctuate considerably relying on how a lot effort you’re able to put in relating to storage.

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For those who’re prepared to spend a few minutes to go the additional mile (extra on the strategies within the storage part), you may triple the time asparagus retains for.

Cooking asparagus on the range

One other essential think about serving to your asparagus final so long as potential is selecting the very best bunch obtainable within the grocery store or grocery retailer.

Right here’s find out how to decide asparagus on the retailer:

  • select bunches which have vibrant inexperienced spears which can be agency to the contact
  • keep away from slimy, limp, or darkening asparagus

In the case of cooked asparagus, it retains high quality for about Three to five days within the fridge. Similar to with its raw counterpart, freezing is the way you protect it for longer.

Asparagus prep

Find out how to Retailer Asparagus

Hold asparagus within the fridge, in an unsealed plastic bag. If you wish to retailer it for longer, wrap the bottoms in a moist paper towel, or place them upright in a jar with some water. Both of these strategies helps asparagus spears retain moisture and high quality for way more than they normally do.

In the case of storing cooked asparagus, switch the spears to an hermetic container, shut the lead and refrigerate or freeze.

These are the fundamentals, let’s discuss particulars.

First, uncooked asparagus is offered with a rubber band across the bunch. Don't take away the band while you get dwelling. It is going to assist safe the spears in storage.

Second, not like most veggies, asparagus thrives in a moist atmosphere. That’s why leaving it in a half-open plastic bag is an honest possibility. The bag helps the bunch retain moisture, but additionally permits it to breathe.

To assist it last more, it's good to provide it with additional moisture, and there are a minimum of two methods of doing that.

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The straightforward answer right here is to wrap the underside of the stalks in a moist (not moist) paper towel and put them again into the bag, leaving it unsealed.

The last word storage methodology: asparagus in a jar with water, cowl loosely with a plastic bag

The Finest Means To Retailer Asparagus

For those who want the stalks to remain recent for per week or extra, you may attempt a extra subtle methodology of storing the spears in a jar with some water.

To try this, you want a jar or container (or a cup, as you may see within the picture) with about an inch of water.

Place the asparagus upright in that container and loosely cowl the highest of the stalks with a plastic or freezer bag. Don't safe the bag, simply drape it over the bunch. The vegetable nonetheless wants some air circulation to maintain recent. Change the water if it will get cloudy.

Asparagus spears

Does Asparagus Want To Be Refrigerated?

You don’t must refrigerate asparagus in the event you’re going to prepare dinner it the identical day you purchase it. However in the event you want it to retain high quality longer than that, placing it within the fridge is unquestionably so as.

Can You Freeze Asparagus?

Even in the event you observe the flamboyant storage strategies outlined above, asparagus nonetheless doesn't final that lengthy. And it’s method too expensive to depart it to waste.

Luckily sufficient, it freezes pretty properly. So in the event you purchased an excessive amount of on a sale or your plans have modified, and also you aren’t in a position to prepare dinner it inside just a few days of shopping for, freezing it's the method to go.

Floor pork potatoes and asparagus

How To Freeze Asparagus

Right here’s the way you freeze asparagus:

  1. Prep. Wash, trim and reduce the asparagus.
  2. Blanching. Now it’s time to blanch it. Earlier than you set the asparagus into the boiling water, kind the stalks by thickness. You need to blanch small ones for 90 seconds, medium for 120 seconds and thick ones for as much as 180 seconds. Typically, every spear ought to tackle a vibrant inexperienced hue after blanching.
  3. Cooldown. After the boiling interval, switch the stalks into chilly water.
  4. Dry completely. Drain the water, and let the spears dry for 10 – 20 minutes. Pat them dry with paper towels.
  5. Packaging. Divide the stalks into just a few parts in the event you received’t want them all of sudden and put every one right into a separate freezer bag. Then squeeze as a lot air out of the bag, and seal it tight. Add a label with a date in the event you like.
  6. Freeze the baggage.

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Cooked and seasoned asparagus

Find out how to Inform If Asparagus Is Dangerous?

Discard asparagus if:

  • There’s mildew. If there’s any fuzzy motion on the spears, or there are black spots right here and there, that asparagus is not any good.
  • It’s gentle or mushy. The guidelines normally darken and go limp first, then the stalks go wrinkly. It’s a spectrum, in fact – you should utilize considerably softish spears, but when slimy residue units it, they should go.
  • It smells funky. Asparagus doesn’t actually odor like a lot, so if yours develops an off odor, it’s time to let it go. Belief your nostril.

Apart from the above, your asparagus spears may begin to lose colour. Discoloration is an indication that they received’t maintain for for much longer, and it’s finest to eat them as quickly as potential.

Like with different veggies, you may reduce out the dangerous elements (and a few additional), or discard solely the spoiled spears and use the remainder. Nevertheless, if a lot of the stalks are executed for, you in all probability ought to throw out the entire bunch altogether.

Earlier than cooking the veggie, give it a great whiff. If it doesn’t odor recent however has a rotten, acrid odor to it, throw it out.

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