What’s the Best Brand of Cat Litter? A Comparison of Eight Brands

Liz loves animals. Seeing them ailing, damage, or killed breaks her coronary heart. She advocates for "undertake, don't store" and TNR packages for feral cats.

What Form of Litter Is Finest?

Within the seek for all issues to look after our feline relations, few are as essential as selecting the proper litter. It has to have an excellent stability of odor management, clumping potential, good price-to-quantity worth, and above all, one thing the cat will agree to truly use.

Some of us are involved with the environmental facet of the clay litters, which do have an effect, each within the sourcing and remedy of the clay, and with the disposal. That mentioned, irrespective of which litter is used, each it and the scooped contents are going to finish up in a landfill.

Can You Flush Cat Litter?

Regardless of claims of being “flushable,” cat litter isn't one thing you need to put into the sewer system. It by no means absolutely dissolves, and may find yourself clogging your plumbing. You most particularly by no means need any litter down your pipes if you're on a septic system, as we're. Even for those who solely flush the stable waste, and never the urine clumps, there's nonetheless litter hooked up, and ultimately it may trigger an issue that's not low-cost to repair.

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Why You Ought to Not Flush Your Litter

In addition to that, many cats have the toxoplasma gondii parasite, which isn't filtered out by sewage remedy vegetation, and results in the groundwater and ultimately within the ocean. In the USA, cats are the same old host supply. Nonetheless, earlier than you panic and attempt to do away with your kitty, please be aware that indoor-only cats are not possible to have this. The issue is way extra prevalent in cats who dwell outside or are in-and-out cats.

In any other case, the probably sources are uncooked or undercooked meat and unwashed produce from business sources. Your personal backyard veggies ought to be simply nice—however do wash them anyway—nobody likes a mouthful of grit.

Many cats are very specific, and if the litter is to not their liking, they could take to soiling in different places in the home, none of that are applicable.

Right here, then, are the manufacturers I’ve had event to make use of, and my ranking scale for every. I can not, nonetheless, grade them on cat-approval, as each cat is completely different, and what our cats are okay with, your cat might balk at utilizing.

Kittens Want a Low-Mud Litter

In case you have a younger kitten, as much as about age six months, they needn't solely a low-dust litter, for the well being of their lungs in not inhaling mud, but in addition one of many eco-friendly manufacturers.

The "World's Finest" or the "S'Wheat" are good for this, as a result of not solely is the mud an element, however kittens, like younger kids. usually attempt to eat issues that aren't edible or not good for them.

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Sure, some kittens will pattern the litter. The corn or wheat varieties received't damage them, but when they ingest clay, that would trigger some actual issues. Naturally, this compromises your vary of alternative till they develop out of that age.

How I Graded Every Litter

I've graded them every on seven standards which can be essential in selecting a litter.

  1. Clumping—which can be seen as absorption.
  2. Odor management—essential to most individuals, (if to not the cat).
  3. Mud—some varieties shed off a variety of mud. Realizing about that is essential each to folks with allergy symptoms, in addition to these with small kittens--a lot of mud isn't good for them.
  4. Ease of scooping—does the litter type agency clumps which can be simple to scoop out; and in addition, in case your cat is a 'deep digger,' does the liquid content material trigger a slurry that sticks like glue to the litter field?
  5. Trackability—does the litter keep within the field, or persist with kitty's paws, and find yourself tracked in every single place else?
  6. Weight—litters which can be very heavy could also be onerous for some folks to raise and carry, so could also be a consideration.
  7. Price—this is a crucial consideration for many individuals; for some, it's paramount, even over some downsides in high quality.

1. Tidy Cats

It is a frequent and well-known model. It is available in a number of varieties, all of which provide odor management and good clumping traits. Accessible in a number of sizes. It is a clay litter.

Grading scale:

Clumping potential: Glorious.

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Odor management: Superb.

Mud degree: Common.

Ease of scooping: Poor; urine clumps stick firmly to litter field, if cat scratches a ‘gap’ first.

Trackability: Not dangerous; most is shed inside a foot or two of the litter field.

Weight: Comparatively heavy.

Price: $$

2. Boots and Barkley

Supposedly a high-end model of clay litter, this one earned no medals in our family. It was, bar none, the dustiest litter I’ve ever used.

Grading scale:

Clumping potential: Superb.

Odor management: Cheap, (however not in multi-cat households like ours).

Mud degree: Absolute failure; mud was in every single place within the rest room!

Ease of scooping: Common.

Trackability: So-so. Extra of an issue with kitties who've very fuzzy toes.

Weight: Center vary, not too heavy, however not actually light-weight, both.

Price: $$$

3. Yesterday’s Information

Touted as an ‘eco-friendly’ litter, constructed from recycled newspaper pressed into pellets. We detested this one. Its pellets are far too giant, and whereas it looks like a good suggestion, it was not properly thought by,

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