Bambino Cat: A Miniature Hairless Breed You Must Meet [FAQ Guide]

Many individuals will say cats all look fairly related. Effectively, they haven’t met the Bambino cat! This can be a model new breed that’s already gaining fairly the next due to its distinctive look. Brief legs and a hairless physique make this cat one-of-a-kind.

Once you get previous the Bambino’s placing appears, you’ll uncover an equally thrilling character. This cat is playful, quirky, energetic, and loving. It’s a social kitty that can all the time need to spend time with you, it doesn't matter what that entails. Discover out extra concerning the Bambino cat’s character, well being, and historical past to see if it’s the correct kitty for you.

Bambino Cat Breed Origin & Historical past

Lately, cat breeders have began mixing current breeds to create new cat breeds. A kind of creations is the Bambino, a cross between the Sphynx cat and the Munchkin. The Bambino carries the recessive hairless gene of the Sphynx and the Munchkin’s dominant short-legged gene, creating fairly a singular kitty.

Bambino means “child” in Italian, however this cat originated in North America when Stephanie and Pat Osborne registered the primary litter in 2005. The dwarf breed was designated an “Experimental New Breed” by The Worldwide Cat Affiliation (TICA) the next yr.

Regardless of the quasi-registration with TICA, the Bambino’s improvement has been controversial. Some consider the cats have an elevated probability of well being issues as a result of breeding of two cats with mutated genes.

Due to their controversial bloodline, the Bambino is just not acknowledged by the Cat Fanciers’ Affiliation or the American Cat Fanciers’ Affiliation. Nevertheless, feline fanatics worldwide adore the breed nonetheless.

The Bambino’s well being has not been correctly studied, so we don’t know if their breeding has any impression on their well being. Analysis has proven that Muchkins, their mum or dad breed, may undergo from again issues resulting from their versatile spines.

Bambino Cat Breed Character

The Bambino hasn’t solely inherited its distinctive appears from the Munchkin and Sphynx — it additionally has the perfect of each personalities! The Sphynx is a social cat that craves—no, calls for—consideration. The Bambino has that very same affectionate character, recognized for loving its whole household. This can be a cat that may get together with nearly everybody.

Whether or not it’s snuggling on the sofa or following you as you go about your day by day chores, the Bambino loves being close to its proprietor. This isn't a cat that enjoys being alone, so ensure you have time to spend along with your kitty!

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Just like the Munchkin, the Bambino is thought for being rambunctious and playful. Regardless of their squatty legs, Munchkins likes to run round the home like a bit ferret. The Bambino is similar! They're extremely energetic and love exploring each spot in the home, usually discovering unusual locations to squeeze into or climb on prime of.

Preserve your Bambino occupied with toys, toys, and extra toys. They will spend hours chasing after toys, leaping for ribbons, and dashing all through the home.

Bambino Traits (Bodily)

There’s no denying that the Bambino has a singular look. The very first thing you'll discover concerning the Bambino is its hairless physique. The subsequent, its brief legs! However there’s extra to the Bambino than its mutations!

Bambino Cat Measurement

The Bambino is a dwarf breed, which means they're fairly small. Most stand round eight inches excessive. Some might even be smaller!

Weight Vary

Grownup Bambino cats (each female and male) sometimes weigh between 5 and 9 kilos.


This breed has a really related head to the Sphynx, together with its facial options and ears. They've a definite head form that options sharp cheekbones, a outstanding whisker pad, and a robust chin.

Eye Coloration

This feline has massive eyes which are usually described as lemon-shaped. No colour is specified since there should not many breed requirements for this newly created kitty. Nonetheless, you'll usually see blue, inquisitive eyes.


The Bambino has massive ears that face ahead and seem fairly alert. Generally they're described as lynx-tipped, as a result of little tufts on the highest.

Legs & Paws

You might need observed that the Bambino has very stubby, chubby brief legs! The bone within the breed’s higher legs is brief, which means you’ll see loads of waddling. However that doesn’t cease these cats from getting round—removed from it!


Bambinos are a hairless breed, after all! They've wrinkled, free pores and skin that’s both genuinely hairless or coated in peach fuzz. The tip of their ears, a part of their face, and the tip of their tail will usually have a bit extra noticeable fur. Their lack of hair means that you can see this cat’s pores and skin colour, which is often pink with some black.

Bambino Cat Lifespan

Regardless of the controversy, Bambino cats can dwell as much as 15 years with correct care and common vet visits.

Bambino Cat Well being Issues

Bambinos usually carry hereditary ailments from each the Sphynx and Munchkin. Common veterinary checkups are essential for retaining this kitty wholesome!

Coronary heart Illness

The commonest coronary heart illness in cats is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. That is when the cat’s coronary heart muscle tissue thicken, making it tougher for the organ to pump blood. In the event you discover your Bambino being torpid or struggling to breathe, instantly carry them to the vet.

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Attributable to their lack of fur safety, Bambinos can get sunburns and melanoma fairly simply. Common bathing may help keep away from a few of their different widespread pores and skin issues, like pimples and oily pores and skin.


Some Bambinos might have an excessively curved backbone. This spinal curve will be corrected, relying on severity. All the time go to your vet in the event you suppose that your cat has an irregular posture.

Pectus Excavatum

This can be a malformation of the thorax (chest cavity). It offers your cat’s physique a “bowed” look. This situation is current at each. Pectus excavatum is extra widespread in male cats.


The Bambino, very like the Sphynx, is liable to filth buildup on their hairless pores and skin. This could result in pimples. Examine for blackheads whenever you bathe your cat. You'll be able to scrub your Bambino’s pores and skin flippantly with a light, vet-approved antibacterial cleaning soap.

Bambino Cat Breed Care

The Bambino may not have fur to brush, however they require loads of grooming and care resulting from uncovered pores and skin. With out hair, Bambinos will soak up their pores and skin’s oils, which means they are going to want common baths to keep up clear pores and skin. However bathing may trigger pores and skin points in the event you don’t utterly wash off shampoo or pat completely dry them.

Whereas washing your Bambino, all the time verify their ears for canal blockages. Since they lack hair, filth can accumulate inside this short-legged feline’s ears. Use a tender fabric or an accredited moist wipe to softly take away something you see. You can too verify their eyes for mud. When trimming their nails, verify for any particles between their toes.


The Bambino is strictly an indoor cat. Their lack of fur makes them very weak to cold and hot. Since they'll simply overheat and get sunburns, restrict their publicity to the solar every time attainable.

When it’s chilly, present your hairless kitty with blankets and heat clothes. Simply bear in mind to clean their garments because the Bambino’s pores and skin can get oily and sweaty.


Bambino cats are fairly tiny, being a dwarf cat and all. So, they won't want as a lot meals or cat treats as the typical feline. Examine the product’s label to see how a lot meals is usually recommended for its weight every day. Contact your veterinarian for extra data on feeding a Bambino cat a correct weight-reduction plan.

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All the time search for cat meals with high quality components. The primary ingredient ought to all the time be protein, like turkey, salmon, or hen. Keep away from manufacturers the place the primary ingredient is one thing like “hen meal.”

Keep away from meals manufacturers with extreme quantities of carbohydrates, like corn and wheat. Cats don’t want these of their diets, so they're “fillers.”

A wholesome various is moist meals, which is low in carbohydrates and it comprises over 70% water. This can be a nice option to give your cat the liquids they want and guarantee they don’t develop into dehydrated.  Additionally, hold a watch out for cat treats made with high quality components.

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Youngsters & Different Pets

The Bambino is a candy soul who loves mainly everybody they meet. Because of this your Bambino will certainly get together with different pets. This consists of different cats, canines, and even small animals. Keep in mind to introduce your cats rigorously, taking the time to allow them to get to know one another with out dashing to introduce them.

All the time watch your canine’s interplay along with your Bambino. Even probably the most well-mannered canines may be an excessive amount of to deal with for the Bambino. Since each are lively and playful, they are going to take pleasure in racing round the home and goofing off collectively. But when your canine will get too tough, step in instantly.

Identical with youngsters. Youngsters love taking part in with Bambino cats, watching them race down the corridor after toys for hours. However all the time watch youthful children after they work together with the Bambino. It’s a tiny kitty that shouldn’t have its ears or tail pulled.

Extra About The Bambino Cat Breed

The Bambino cat may be tiny — however it comes with a hefty price ticket. They're usually as much as $3,000! That is additionally resulting from their rarity. You may must journey fairly far to seek out one in every of these distinctive kitties. Many breeders will usually have an extended waitlist as effectively. Be sure you are solely adopting from trusted breeders who can assure the well being of their litters.

Once you lastly discover a Bambino cat, by no means let this kitty go! It’s a social kitty that has countless affection and vitality. You'll love snuggling along with your Bambino whereas watching a film and watching them race down the corridor with their stubby legs. This can be a mischievous kitty with a number of love to present.

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